Superpod 6, San Juan Island

Superpod 6 begins and so too my first time to the magnificent San Juan islands. During the Superpod talks I learnt a lot about the issues facing these populations and the efforts being made to stop their demise. Unfortunately I also learnt about the lack of action and the inability politicians have at listening to scientists and the recommendations. Tres tres fustrating but that is the world we live in. I had a wonderful time with my inspirational friends and mentors Alex and Maria who are making a documentary about the Southern Residents a population who are literally are on the brink of extinction.
I also met an incredible young scientist called London and her family.
If you want to keep up to date with my friends documentary you can follow them on the ‘gram @searchingforchinook.

Oh well I meant to post this ages ago but just seen its been stuck in “drafts” for an age, oh boy, must get better on this blogging lark.

Anyway incredible things happened while I was on the islands. Thanks to my friend Alex I was able to meet and interview my hero Dr Ingrid Visser. Dr Visser is the woman spearheading the fight to free Morgan, I got the low down and she filled me with hope. “While Morgan is still alive there is hope” Dr Visser. Unfortunately the sound recording I have from the interview is proper shite, so that has set me back a bit and made me feel a bit rubbish but its not the end of the world so will keep plugging on.


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