Getting closer to “Fin”

Right, so I'm pretty rubbish at this blog lark and especially now that I'm so close to finishing the edit. Every time I sit down to update the blog and tell my lovely backers how its going, I feel the press of guilt: “I should be spending this time on the actual work”. But, but, today I have a lovely 6 hour train journey back from Manchester after seeing the Searching for Chinook ladies and showing a fairly rough cut of The Edit. It's so strange having worked on it for months and getting so used to it and how incredibly different it is when you sit down to watch it with another human being. I immediately saw things to change and cut and move about. I'm also kinda quietly impressed that I have actually produced something, it's not

beautiful or ground breaking and it is far from perfection and I could spend years tweaking with and polishing it but that would serve no purpose to Morgan so I must continually remind myself that I strive for progress not perfection. I set out to tell Morgans story as well as I can, I feel like what happened to her is so obviously wrong so if more people know about it it can only help the effort to get her and now her calf a more dignified future. Now that I am getting really close to the the finish I am so worried that Morgan will die and the documentary will achieved nothing. But I'm trying to remain focused and positive. If you can help or know of an independent cinema that may be okay with me screen
ing it, or know of a community or save group I could come and show andtalk to please do let me know, email: Thanks again for the support and help you've given me.

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