Oof, What to say?

Well, I think like most, I found 2020 it really put me off my stride. It was alway more of a bumbling waddle than a stride anyways, but yeah, what a mess. Here at the beginning of 2021 and I feel so frustrated at myself. I still haven’t worked out how to upload my little movie, I haven’t sent a postcard to Mr Kiessling (owner of Loro Parque and a.k.a my life long nemesis) in ages, I think over a year (!) and I feel like I really missed many an opportunity to ram home how awful Morgans life is given that we have all found ourselves in various levels of isolation over the last year. The brilliant thing for us however is we have incredible technology so no matter how low or alone we may feel we actually have out friends and family just a whatsapp away. And although I did personally mark the 10 year anniversary of her capture, I felt powerless and demoralised and just in a big old funk. Despite the feeling of lost momentum I have none the less spend hours thinking about Morgan and willing her to hold on. The fact that she has somehow endured now over 10 years in that tiny tank surly must be a testament to her strength of character.

I think that this last year has truly shined a light on the best and worst of humanity. All that we are capable when there is the will. So so with that in mind and also given the many hours I have spent isolating in hotels thinking what I want to do with my time on this planet, there is only one answer that keeps coming back: I want to free Morgan. I want to see her and her calf swimming in a sea sanctuary. I have rested to long, I have wasted to much time.

My Mission Statement on my top ✌🏻

I have resolved myself to get up, dust off and keep bimbling on. I have given up (for now at least) attempting to upload the documentary and instead have edited together bite sized portions of the story. I hope that as a silver lining to my technological inadequacies these smaller clips will perhaps serve more purpose and may even be seen by more people. It’s not a sure fire plan B I have, but it’s what we are rolling with now people, so buckle up!

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