Alllllrrrighty then, here we go.

This is my website/blog/space to share thoughts on “My Mish to Save Morgan”. At this stage my thoughts are mainly uncertainty. I’m unsure of sooooo many things namely: a) how to free a huge intelligent mammal; b) how to make a documentary (I’m attempting to do so in order to raise awareness- I feel like her story is so obviously wrong that if people knew what was up they would demand justice for her too), but also I’m unsure about stuff like: c) how to do websitey things (so a MASSIVE shoutout to my bro Sirbastian  (>><<) for helping me with all this techy stuff and what-not). Other things I am currently uncertain of include (but are not limited to) d) how to get in touch with Wolfgang; e) how to back up files onto a different hardrive; f) is there any point writing a blog?; g)how will I get from Redding, CA to San Juan, WA in July; h) will Morgan even survive that long?; i) what would it take to liberate a Blackfish? That last one is a real doozy, I don’t know the answer, unfortunately (and obviously), cause if I did I could just skip to the end and get that done and then bish bash bosh Morgan wouldn’t be in that hell hole anymore.

So, to summarise, while I don’t know exactly what I’m doing,  I do believe that by getting the info out there we stand a chance of getting justice for the young Orca we know as Morgan and I do know that if I don’t at least *try* I will definitely fail.

I’m writing from my office (a.k.a Edna my Bedford Rascal) and if you have made it this far (Hi Mum!) my heart felt condolences and appreciation 😀 ya legend!

p.s this little pep talk from good old Yogi tea got me brave enough to hit the “Publish” button.